Jason Dietz and David Talley

The Guys Behind Stones River Recycling Service

Jason Dietz and David Talley

The Guys Behind Stones River Recycling Service

Jason Dietz and David Talley are no strangers to partnership.  In fact, they have worked closely together over the last 10 years.  From counseling and rehabilitating at risk youth to playing music all over the United States, this dynamic duo have never been afraid to get their hands dirty.

David Talley

David Talley does not have what you would call a normal background.  David was born in Medellin Colombia and grew up in the Andes mountains of Quito Ecuador.  His parents, Ramon and Wanda Talley, were long time missionaries in the Andean region.  Growing up in a third world country has shaped his worldview into a compassionate one.  “My parents lead by example and taught me that loving people and your community means taking action to change what can be made better.”  David infuses that same philosophy into all areas of his life, whether it’s playing and writing music or serving Murfreesboro’s recycling needs. “I’m excited to give back to a community that has already given so much to me.”

Jason Dietz

Jason Dietz was a bicentennial baby born in Washington D.C. Jason graduated High School in 1993 with less than 80 other students in a small Maryland town named Poolesville. Most of the Poolesville High School graduates were in school together since Kindergarden. Jason has been environmentally conscience, and striving for change since the late 1990’s when he made the lifelong choice of adhering to a strict vegan diet. Since Jason moved to Tennessee in 1995, he has been an advocate for rescuing and fostering Jack Russell Terriers. “I went through high school in Maryland, but I grew up in Murfreesboro Tennessee. This town has given me so much, and now it’s time for me to give it back.”

Stones River Recycling Service

“Stones River Recycling is more than just a business.  It’s a way of thinking.”  Says Jason.  “Change in the world can begin with change in our community and  Stones River Recycling strives to unify the people of Murfreesboro to get behind that simple but powerful truth. Together, we are stronger.”

Stones River recycling makes recycling easy!  From flexible and affordable payment plans, a “No Sorting Necessary” business model,  to curbside and doorstep pickup, making a difference can now be made into a reality.

Sign up today and help Stones River Recycling make Murfreesboro a town worth calling home!

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