Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Recycling
Please read our Frequently Asked Questions before signing up for service.  If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please email us at or call us at (615) 516-3220.

Should I sign up online, or can you take my information over the phone?  All new subscriptions must be done online. We are unable to process payment or take your information over the phone.

If I sign up for service today, when will I receive my bin(s)?  Your bin(s) will be delivered within 1 to 2 weeks of signing up. We typically do our bin deliveries to our new customers on Wednesdays. Depending on how many new subscriptions we get in a week, it could take up to 2 weeks before receiving your bin.

Why was my card charged today if I might not receive my bin(s) for a month or longer?  Your service and billing cycle will begin once you receive your bin. For example: If you sign up for our monthly service plan on January 1st and receive your bin on February 19th, you will not be billed again until March 19th. If you signed up for our annual service plan, you will not be billed again until March of the next year. You will not actually be charged for the time that you are not receiving our service. We bill your card initially to ensure that your service will be started. 

Is the payment portal on your website secure?  Absolutley! We process our payments through a company called Stripe. Information on their security can be found here:

What is the size of the bin that comes with the service?  Our 45 gallon bin on wheels is 1/2 the size of the large black city trash can. 

Your website says everywhere that I need to separate my glass. How does it need to be separated?  Glass needs to be separated completely and left next to your recycling bin(s). If can be placed in another tote, a plastic bag, a reusable shopping bag, a bucket or anyway that is convenient for you to separate it. We really don’t mind as long as it is NOT IN A CARDBOARD BOX. PLEASE also read the glass recycling blog on our website.

Will you always arrive to my residence at the same time every week?  Unfortunately, there is no way for us to have the same schedule every week. Although it is usually pretty close, there are so many contributing factors that could make it change.  Please wait until after 3pm to contact us on your service day if your recycling has not been picked up.  We run from 12am-3pm Monday through Friday. Please place your recycling our at the end of your driveway on the night before your scheduled recycling pick up. 

My recycling didn’t get picked up on my scheduled day and I had it out and visible for the drivers.   This is a mistake that we do not make often at all, but we are human and we do make mistakes. If your recycling was not picked up, please call and/or email us and we will VERY promptly resolve the situation with you.

How will you inform me about changes to my recycling schedule? If we are going to change your recycling day, you will get notice from us. There are several “Monday Holiday’s” that we usually operate on. Feel free to contact us and ask, but we will always notify you of any changes at least 2 weeks prior. 

Your website says that you operate on the same day as trash. If there is a holiday and our trash day is moved, will our recycling day move as well? Not necessarily. We will ALWAYS inform our customers if we will be changing pick up days. We are not a government business, and we do not work for the city. We are a private company and are typically open regular hours on most of the Monday holidays. 

I live in Smyrna Tn. Am I in your coverage area?  We do have customers in Smyrna, but we are not currently accepting any new ones. Do to our increasing growth in Murfreesboro, it is difficult for us to take on more clients in Smyrna at the moment. We do intend to take on more, and will make it known whenever we are able to do so.

For all customers in Christiana and Rockvale, please select Thursday for your recycling pickup. And for all customers in Walter Hill and Jefferson Pike, please contact us for information on your service day.

Recycling Schedule:
Our drivers operate from 12am-3pm on all scheduled recycling days.  Please make sure that your recycling is at the end of your driveway, and visible for our drivers the night before your scheduled pick up day. Our 3rd shift drivers hit the streets at 12am! It is possible that we will arrive to your residence at completely different times every week due to growth in our company and the re-optimization of our routes. If for some reason your residence has been missed on your scheduled pick up date, please email us, or call after 2pm and we will resolve the issue immediately.

Holiday Schedule: There will be times when holiday trash schedule will not affect our recycling schedule. Changes to our schedule typically happen during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years. If there is a change to our schedule, we notify our customers by email 2 weeks prior to the change. Changes to your city trash only schedule can be found here 

Check your email from us!
If you aren’t seeing emails from us, check the “promotions” folder in your gmail account. We send invoices to our customers when payment is due, so please be sure to open emails that come from any of our email addresses.

Glass Recycling

Glass needs to be completely separated, and left next to your recycling bin(s). It can be placed in another tote, a plastic bag, a reusable shopping bag, a bucket or anything that is easy to place it in. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE YOUR GLASS IN A CARDBOARD BOX.

Items That Are Not Recyclable

Common items found in recycling bins that will be left behind:

  • Styrofoam (SRRS does not take styrofoam of any type. Even if it has the recycling symbol printed on the styrofoam)
  • Paper plates with food residue
  • Plastic / cardboard food take out containers that have food left in them
  • Fast food bags with food left in them
  • Starbucks cups that still have beverage left in them
  • Styrofoam drink cups
  • Aluminum pans with food on them
  • Used napkins / paper towels from food waste
  • Soda bottles with soda or tobacco spit in them
  • Plastic/glass containers that still have food residue
  • Beer bottles with beer or cigarettes in them
  • Clothing items
  • Wood of all kinds, including Popsicle sticks
  • Q-tips

Excessive non recyclable items left in your container, could result in our drivers leaving it behind. If this happens, you will receive an email and a note on your container.

Rinsing your containers clean prior to placing them in your bin could make the difference between recyclable and trash. A rinsed clean soda bottle = recyclable. A soda bottle with coke still in it = trash/landfill.

Food Items

Food cannot be recycled and items with food still in them get rejected by recycling centers, and sent to landfills. Food waste can contaminate multiple items in your bin causing even more items to become trash and go into the landfill. Kind of defeats the purpose right!?

Our mission is to work together with our customers to help reduce waste and raise awareness of the difference between recyclables and waste. A quick rinse to a glass / plastic container can make a huge difference! That little bit of coffee left at the bottom of a cup can spill out and ruin paper items that were recyclable.


Please make sure that all cardboard is completely broken down, and all styrofoam or packing materials is removed from the cardboard. It is okay to leave excess cardboard next to your bin as long as it is broken down. Breaking down cardboard at residences is not a part of our service. Because of this policy, it is possible that our drivers will leave behind any cardboard that is not broken down or that has styrofoam left inside.

Thanks you for choosing Stones River Recycling Service for your recycling needs. We are passionate about reducing waste in landfills and appreciate your help in making our recycling service a huge success.


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