Glass Recycling Policy

We require all of our customers to separate the glass from their other recyclables. GLASS MUST BE COMPLETELY SEPARATE AND NEXT TO THE RECYCLING CONTAINER.

If you would like to purchase a tote from us to use for glass, send us an email and we will invoice you for $7.00 and deliver an 18 gallon tote that is yours to keep!

Why are we requiring our customers to sort the glass for us?

  1. 90% of our work related injuries are as a result of broken glass in recycling bins.

  2. Pieces of broken glass that get mixed in with our paper/cardboard loads cause the entire load to be returned to us… at our expense.

  3. In order to have your glass recycled, we have to store it, then haul it to Madison, TN, where we actually pay by the ton to have it recycled. There is no return for us on recycling glass.

We want to continue to recycle glass as it is part of our mission to keep it out of the landfill. In order for us to be successful at this, we need your help!

Please help us reduce work related injuries and the potential of contaminated paper/cardboard bundles by simply separating your glass from your other recyclable items.

We have a glass recycling donation account set up through paypal. Money donated is being saved to go towards a new vehicle and trailer for our glass recycling program. To donate to our company simply send us a paypal “gift” to

This is a really good article about glass recycling in Nashville.